We workby design

While the words boutique and engineer don't seem to go together, they work for Powers Hill Design - suggestive as they are of creative pragmatism.

We work within carefully defined boundaries of exquisite detail and dedicated purpose toward solutions that redefine everything. 

While woman-owned and environmentally conscious are terms not commonly associated with engineering firms, they work for Powers Hill Design - because the firm is uncommon. The principals are accomplished in their field; their uncommon dedication to the profession and to their principles is what defines them.  8(a) and MBE are designations that enhance the firm, but do not dictate it's performance or success.

Powers Hill Design works. And we love the work.

Nisha and Steve - Powers Hill Design


Nisha Powers

Company vision and management.

Believing in what you do and in who you do it for shows. In attitude. In enthusiasm. In everything that Powers Hill does. In the motivated inside of what shows on the outside. In the belief that respect is earned and success is shared. In the face of Nisha Powers and in the pulse of her company and her community.

Engineering heart and soul.

Steve Hill
Chief Operating Officer

Project management and quality assurance.

The beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s much deeper, much more fundamental, even elemental. The beauty of what Powers Hill does is in the understanding that experience brings, the informed expertise of a seasoned engineer, the beauty that professional eyes see in the tiniest of details. If you want it to work, Steve Hill is a beautiful man.

Engineering good bones.

Core Values

Be devoted to our clients, and strive to provide the highest quality of civil engineering design and consulting services

Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in the practice of our profession

Be involved and engaged in the community, and contribute to its economic development by being a viable business enterprise

Be faithful to our staff with their personal and professional development

Endeavor to raise the esteem of our profession by educating our clients and the public regarding the invaluable contributions  of engineers to the community