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SR‐57 Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad; SR‐86/US‐72 from Quinn Rd. to SR‐57 (Shelby and Fayette Counties)

As a subconsultant to Fisher & Arnold, Inc., PHD is providing all Records Clerk services related to both projects utilizing TDOT's Site Manager Program.  The Records Clerk provides data entry, tracking, reporting, and analysis of contract data from contract award through finalization.  The Records Clerk also develops pay estimates, attends meeting, issues meeting minutes and coordinate with field inspectors to reconcile quantities, etc.

To provide these services, our staff has the following certifications:

  • 10-Hour OSHA Training for the Construction Industry
  • TDOT Local Government Guidelines for Preconstruction and Construction Procedures
  • Concrete Field Certified Technician
  • Fundamentals of Erosion Prevention &  Sediment Control  Level 1
  • Fundamentals of Erosion Prevention &  Sediment Control  Level 2

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