MATA Trolley Station (Memphis, TN)

As a subconsultant to SSR, PHD developed concept plans to help assess the feasibility of providing ramps at the following four (4) northbound trolley stations along Main Street.

  • Civic Center Plaza Trolley Station
  • Peabody Place Trolley Station
  • Dr. M. L. King Jr. Ave. Trolley Station
  • Main Street south of GE Patterson

ADA improvements assessed in this study are intended to address the challenges related to wheelchair access (loading/unloading) and trolley schedule/timing. Concept plans include installation of raised platforms with ramps at each of the existing trolley stations. Also included is a concept plan for the installation of a new trolley station on South Main Street south of G. E. Patterson Avenue, adjacent to Central Station; PHD also provided preliminary cost estimates for all improvements.