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Holmes Road Improvements from Riverdale Road to Hacks Cross Road (Shelby Co, TN)

The overall project included design of a 4-lane urban section with median, and pedestrian facilities to address safety concerns raised by the public related to access to nearby schools.  As a sub-consultant to Fisher & Arnold, PHD provided services related to:

Public Involvement

  • Scheduling and conducting public meetings to solicit and gather public input regarding issues of concern
  • Inform public of progress, and overall coordination between citizens, interest groups, businesses and government
  • Developing questionnaires for public input
  • Developing project information sheets for dissemination at meetings
  • Prepared presentations and materials for public meetings
  • Compiled information received from public in organized and relevant manner for design team and client to use in further development of design documents

 Civil engineering design:

  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Striping Plans
  • Plats and Descriptions for
    • Right-of-Way
    • Permanent drainage easements
    • Temporary construction easements

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