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Elvis Presley Blvd (Memphis, TN)

As a subconsultant to Kimley Horn and Associates, PHD has led and facilitated the public involvement process, which included public meetings and business owners’ meetings.  The meetings were well attended and collaborative with more than 200 present at the public meetings.  PHD made a concerted effort to incorporate input from the public meetings and business owners’ meetings in the development of preliminary design concepts for the road improvements.  With extensive input from the Whitehaven community and the public as a whole, and collaboration between the City, MLGW and the design team, key decisions were made prior to commencement of design related to utilities, traffic signals, lighting, landscape and bike & pedestrian facilities.  In addition, the community provided input on innovative intersection treatment options developed by LRK.  The project extends from Brooks Road to Shelby Drive, and is divided into 3 segments with varying typical sections.

PHD is also providing civil engineering design services related to Traffic Control and Erosion Control for this project, and will be working to secure Greenroads Certification.

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