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DBE ProfilesNisha Powers, President, Powers Hill Design, LLC (PHD) is a boutique civil engineering firm that provides a highly personalized environment for their clients.

TDOT DBE Fastrac Fall Issue 2012, Issue 6, Volume 3 - DBE Profiles Page 4

Powers Hill Design, LLC (PHD) is a boutique civil engineering firm that provides a highly personalized environment for their clients.

PHD just celebrated their seven-year anniversary on September 6th and has grown from a two-person firm to a five-person firm. They attribute this success and survival through the economic downturn to remaining true to their values. That commitment provided the foundation for PHD and continues to keep them in the forefront of their clients’ minds.

PHD has maintained a diverse client roster throughout both the public and private sector by serving architectural and engineering firms, developers, non-profit organizations, municipalities and governmental agencies. Some of the services provided include those relating to site development, transportation, utilities, drainage, environmental documentation and public involvement. PHD is as comfortable serving in a leadership role as a prime consultant as they are in serving in a supporting role as a sub-consultant. In addition to their DBE and MBE certifications, PHD was also recently certified as an SBA 8(a) firm.

Some of the values held by Powers Hill Design include:

  • Being devoted to their clients and striving to provide the highest quality of civil engineering design and consulting services.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in the practice of their profession.
  • Being involved and engaged in the community and contributing to its economic development by being a viable business enterprise.
  • Being faithful to the personal and professional development of the PHD staff.
  • Endeavoring to raise the esteem of the engineering profession by educating clients and the public regarding the invaluable contributions of engineers to the community.

Current project highlights:

  • PHD held TDOT’s two-year continuing contract (2010 – 2012) to provide statewide NEPA documentation services and was recently selected to continue those services for the upcoming 2012 – 2014 period.
  • PHD recently completed the design of a 1 million cu. ft. detention basin below a garage structure in Memphis, TN, to alleviate flooding. The project incorporates an innovative approach of utilizing a stormwater pump system, which allowed PHD to maximize the detention storage capacity. Construction is currently underway at an overall project cost in excess of $12M. PHD served as a subconsultant to LRK, Inc., whose client is the City of Memphis.
  • In PHD’s role as Arlington Town Engineer, they have been intimately involved with the management of seven ARRA and STP road projects, and they assisted the town in meeting its TDOT & FHWA requirements. Constructions of those projects were completed in 2012 with an overall project cost in excess of $7M. PHD is currently working on the next round of STP projects with estimated construction costs in excess of $3M.