City Awards Zoo Parking Design Contract

As printed in The Memphis Business Journal | Author: Michelle Corbett

The City of Memphis selected the design firm that will reconfigure parking for the Memphis Zoo.

Tuesday, Jan. 31, the city sent an award letter via email to Nisha Powers, notifying her Powers Hill Design was selected by the Zoo Parking Steering Committee to design a new parking plan for Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo.

The selection comes two business days after the city held a six-hour meeting to evaluate the qualifications of three design firms: A2H, Powers Hill Design LLC (PHD) and Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.

"You should be justifiably proud of your team's presentation," said Jack Stevenson, administrator of land development/budget with the City of Memphis Division of Engineering, in the award letter. "Your team's stated passion for the project and your commitment to pour all of PHD's resources and those of their sub-consultants into the design effort ultimately convinced the committee members that PHD was the best form for the project."

The schedule for Powers Hill Design to complete a design with construction documents is very aggressive, Stevenson said.

The firm is expected to submit its proposal immediately and to finish fee and scope negotiations by Feb. 3. The city plans to execute the design contract on March 17 and bid the project, with completed designs, on Oct. 31.