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Road Map for Success

September 12th, 2010

As printed in The Memphis Business Journal | Author: Michael Sheffield

When it comes to the details and budgets in a construction project, an engineer is your best friend. When it comes to explaining those details, not so much.

Engineering, and the explanation of how it works, is where Powers Hill Design LLC has found its niche for the five years it has been in business.

Sensitive or time-consuming projects like the expansion of Canada Road or current infrastructure upgrades in the town of Arlington often require that specific details be provided to the community, such as where work will be done at a given time to explaining to residents why their two-lane highway must be widened to accommodate more traffic. In those often delicate situations, one misstep could derail a project. Those missteps, says Steve Hill, COO of Powers Hill, can often be avoided with simple communication.

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